Thursday, February 21, 2008

Band of the Week: Au Revoir Simone

[February 18-24]
Au Revoir Simone
Sounds Like: Indie-Pop
Drinking Buddies: The Blow, Mates of State, The Brunettes.
Synopsis: Girls and keyboards... what more can you ask for?
Makes You Want To...: Muse about relationships; Read a book; Dance

One week, one band. You know the drill.
This week, the featured artist is Au Revoir Simone.

Oh, busy, busy, busy me. Essays here and there; school is no fun. In fact, it's quite the downer sometimes. I need a pep - a pick-me-up - something that beats away the monotony. It must be obnoxious that I feature so many perky indie-pop outfits, but these are the things that keep me moving every week! They make my days a little more interesting.

That being said, now that all my essays are done, I may say au revoir to them, and thank Au Revoir Simone graciously in helping me pass the time. Au Revoir Simone is a New York trio of gals with a French-ish name. This troupe of delightful ladies goes for simplicity, and creates wonderful depth. How, you ask?

1) Turn drum machine on.
2) Play light, bouncing, pretty notes on three keyboards, simultaneously.
3) Sing in three very beautiful voices, simultaneously.
4) Repeat!

It sound simple, but Au Revoir Simone adds plenty of complexity to their musical arrangements with charming lyrics on love, life, and a handful of other topics. Au Revoir Simone presently have two albums out right now, Verses of Comfort, Assurance and Salvation, and The Bird of Music, which are both astounding! You may not have guessed it, but they just happen to have a Myspace. And hard to believe at the rate that I've accidentally been following in the footsteps of the lovely folks at Daytrotter, but they have an article and live performances over there! Listen to "Through the Backyards." It's addicting! And have a good week.


Miguel Moreau said...

Fantastic site i suscribe to it !!!! there are some bands i don't even knew the name keep up the good work

Jason said...

Girls and keyboards...what more, indeed! I'm quickly growing very, very fond of these ladies. Sure hoping they'll make an appearance here in the UK sometime soon.

Great blog, BTW, got you bookmarked now.