Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chris Riffle - Introducing...

Chris Riffle sounds young, but certainly not inexperienced. He is the kind of singer/songwriter who is a natural at making music. Introducing... is not the accustomed album of your typical man with a guitar. Rather, it sounds like the collection of his most well received coffeehouse songs, recorded with an array of extra instruments, all carefully constructed and layered. Chris Riffle immediately lets you know this is a personal affair; his voice is delicate yet inviting, his guitar plays gently enough so you can hear every little texture in the background. His songs feature piano, cello, and many layers of vocals throw in to put you right at home. The lyrics often feel like snippets of diary entries, perfectly fitting for the personal aspect of the album. “Simple” is perhaps the most encompassing track on the album. The vocals are just above a whisper, there is consistent percussion keeping the track from seeming flat, and the chorus hits with catchy lyrics while still keeping a calm atmosphere. Chris Riffle does justice to the singer/songwriter genre with Introducing…, and is sure to be a name people will be proud to know before he makes it big.

RIYL: Sufjan Stevens, Daphne Loves Derby
Recommended Tracks: Simple, Roll Over, Everything You Need Is Here

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